“Money” by Martin Amis

As I sat on my bed my cat slinking across, scooping down to inhale the remnant flakes of crumbled biscuits from off my lap, my hand perfunctorily stroking it’s back, my gaze turned and fell on a paperback, an old long forgotten novel on the bottom shelf of my bookcase nestled between a Michael Crichton Novel and a well-thumbed book of essays. Covered in years of accumulated dust and on the verge of falling apart, it stood smartly standing its ground against my gaze. Heaving my cat off my lap, a kind of fearless curiosity led me on to my feet, the novelty of exploring the bottom shelf, and the thought of uncovering a relic. I careful plucked the novel from the dingy obscurity it was living in, and sat back down. Brushing the cover lightly with my sleeve, I read the title “money” by Martin Amis…(updated soon as soon as I’ve finished reading this thing)