Redemption –

“Remember there is always redemption, you might be at a cross roads alone, looking down at a precipice in fog, calculating, bracing your potential losses, sensing a magnitude, the mystery of a reward just beyond the veil of the horizon – never despair and my fuel I was always willing to share.” –


We finally meet

“When you are ready to embark on the journey of life to find meaning, when you have made a solemn inward pledge, when you have readily submitted to the ultimate task alone, when all you thought you knew becomes a phantom when you exchange your ego for mystery you shall find me next to you.” – Ayaan Ali 

The Qur’an as the final and enduring miracle.

When the Quraysh saw that the companions of the Messenger of Allah were increasing in number, ‘Utbah ibn Rabi’ah suggested that he go to the Messenger of Allah and try to patch up their differences. If the Quraysh made some concessions, he might agree to leave off his mission. ‘Utbah was given permission to negotiate on their behalf. He went to the Messenger of Allah and sat down beside him.

‘nephew’ he said, ‘you know your standing among us, but you have brought a matter of grave concern to your people. You have divided their community, made fun of their customs, criticised their gods and their religion and declared some of their ancestors to be unbelievers. Now listen to me. I will make some proposals for you to examine and perhaps you will accept them.’

The Messenger of Allah said, ‘speak Abu’l-Walid I am listening.’

‘Nephew,’ Utbah continued, ‘if you want money by this business, we will collect some of our property and make you the wealthiest among us. If you want honour we will make you our chief so that every decision is yours. If you want a kingdom we will make you our king. If you are possessed by a ghost of a jinn that you cannot drive away from yourself, we will find a skilful doctor to help you. We will spend our wealth on it till you are cured.’

When ‘Utbah had finished the Messenger of Allah asked ‘Have you finished Abu’l-Walid?’
‘Then Listen to mee.’
‘I will,’ said ‘Utbah.

The Messenger of Allah recited some verses from Surah Fussilat. ‘Utbah listened intently, putting his hands behind his back and leaning on them. When the Messenger of Allah reached the place mentioning prostration, he prostrated and then said, ‘you have heard what you have heard Abu’l-Walid. It is now up to you’

‘Utbah returned to his companions who commented ‘Abu’l-Walid’ came back with a different expression on his face to the one he went with.’

When he sat down beside them, they asked him what happened.

‘By Allah!’ he said, ‘I have heard words of the like of which I have never heard before. By Allah it is neither poetry nor magic nor soothsaying. O men of Quraysh! Obey me! Leave this man alone with what he has. Be considerate towards him and don’t interfere.’

‘By Allah,’ they said, ‘He has bewitched you with his tongue, Abu’l-Walid’

‘This is my opinion about him,’ he replied. ‘You do as you see fit.’

Paul Bowles – In Tangier

“Like any romantic, I had always been vaguely certain that sometime during my life I should come into a magic place (Tangier) which in disclosing its secrets would give me wisdom and ecstasy-perhaps even death.”

Paul Bowles, An Invisible Spectator – Biography

On suffering

Why do good things to bad people:

Refrain from harsh judgment it is an uneducated guess, and try to see the world as made up of individual with unique experiences, you don’t know every life as intimately as God does, there is a hidden narrative and a communication between them and God, when God shows his favours to what you deem an undeserving sinner when he saves them, He is teaching them to love, giving them hope while rewarding them for things you don’t know, or failed to imagine. Respect the diversity of experiences and respect the struggle.

William Burroughs Quote 

When I was a young child I wanted to be a writer because writers were rich and famous they lounged around Singapore and Rangoon smoking opiums in yellow pongee silk suits. They sniffed cocaine in Mayfair and penetrated forbidden swamps with faithful native boys and lived in native quarters of Tangier smoking hashish and languidly carressing a pet gazelle.