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Intro – Who I am 

I haven’t spoken to my followers on a deep personal level and I have not revealed to them the depths of my yearning to connect on a sincere level-human to human, writer to writer, poet to poet. I am a shy girl a dear in head lights really stuned by this chaotic human dimension of life, the aggression the mustered forgiveness the routine. I am a recluse with very narrow interest and many loved pets day dreaming over a million rough drafts. I live in a different era a certain era and a certain place (pass the hashish) I love to laugh until the distance between you and is an ancient script we have rolled up a smoked the afternoon away. I love you all because compassion is a heart muscle that swells every time I remember your face while I nestle inconspicuously away from the burning light under-my window while whispering i’m in hell, the pleasures of being a agoraphobic. I am easily charmed by eloquence, I will be wooed by a charismatic cult leader one day to become the new Yoko Ono – become the ultimate anti-Michelle Obama! I wish to one day to lounge around in Tangier squinting and scowling at the sun drinking mint tea abd wearing eccentric sun hats!  

Book, Book Review, essay, God, Islam, Love, philosophy, Poem, Poetry

A review of “to pimp a butterfly”

While Kendrick Lamar’s new album has been released to a whirlwind of accolades and fervent reviews I have been analysing the album from a far off place, hesitant to approach and timid in displaying initial “gut” reaction. 

Undoubtedly the album’s intention is obscured in the decision of Kendrick Lamar to embrace tradition rap hallmarks, aggression is inevitably turned inwards while simultaneously denying the cutting use of marring racial expletives.

They have approached the black issue by turning inwards and questioning why we turn on each other rather than having a positive impact on and supporting ourselves, change inevitably starts within. Evolving.

However kendrick does not realise the irony of preaching about inward reflection and pepetuating the use of the n-word. Rarely does he point the finger on the establishment and those instruments of the system hat rig it and is built to hold black people down.

Kendrick Lamar, however, is charismatic. It is not an album low on heart. It has passion however that passion does not begin to chip away at the tip at the white elephant in the room, the drama is there, still in plain sight bristling – a mockery.

It has a listless jazz undertone, dragging its feet. It sees what is in front of it but for entertainment decides the long route to make a point. It is not comprehensive.

It should have been full bodied, with a dominating stature. He fails to regain footing to purge the community of torment, to go that much further and to start pointing fingers!

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The Murder of Walter Scott by a Police Official.

If it was an unrelated incident  and Walter Scott case was not a symptom of a wider ingrained symptom of racial opression and racial discrimination of the most pressing and urgent kind we could see the arrest of the police official as a satisfying closure – but it is not, we need justice for all the voiceless, those stripped of their rights daily. A core ideological cover up is behind this placating poultry piecemeal act. Until there is a integral revolution at the essence of those who use authority to enact their own prejudice, who go blindly about semi-consciously stripping some of rights and over looking others. #SetTheCaptivesFree