My mother’s uunsi (frankincense, sandal wood, incense)

My mother’s uunsi (frankincense, sandal wood, incense)

the smell of crows, omens and ancient gods,
the smell of gold in caves, chiselled numerals
the sublime and the wretched
the rotting fruit, the derelict bridges, moss eaten football pitches.
abandoned cities.

the gold thread of time,
adorning your wrists like gold bangles, like a bridal knot around your waist a heavenly consolation

and you mother, burning

smoke emitted from the caves of history….

On suffering

Why do bad things happen to good people:

For those who ask: “When will life make sense, will it all be justified in the end?”
“With every hardship comes ease” which literally means in the midst of hardship you find your centre, you have chance to reflect, a chance to rearrange and reprioritise. Find your purpose. The true reward is emancipation from the world, self discipline…freedom.
“Do they know how much strength you were endowed with, how life is not a game but a spiritual gain”

Why do good things to bad people:

Refrain from harsh judgment it is an uneducated guess, and try to see the world as made up of individual with unique experiences, you don’t know every life as intimately as God does, there is a hidden narrative and a communication between them and God, when God shows his favours to what you deem an undeserving sinner when he saves them, He is teaching them to love, giving them hope while rewarding them for things you don’t know, or failed to imagine. Respect the diversity of experiences and respect the struggle.