God #1

God is not close fisted and will give without bounds you will need to know how to take, the etiquette of receiving, this is adult responsibility, we sleep and there is a time for everything there are breaks in worship, we are not perpetually suspended – tortured we are loved God wants you to smile back at him, please smile at 

What is feminism today?

What is feminism a view of the world ploughing the depths of the psyche is it the renewal of habits is it a cleansing? When we talk about feminism in the media a lot of the time we preoccupy our self with unfettered freedom, are we chasing the freedom to sin? Or the freedom to uphold a type of freedom where we are adorned with the dignity of being able to do something without unchallenged and unsavioury repercussions. We are fighting irrational reactions and fear we are fighting disgust and unfair treatment. However what about when this pursuits throw off of a cliff I want the right to make mistakes in peace and without repercussions becomes if I have the right to make mistakes I will surely make them if you jump a cliff then I will practice my right to do the same. Feminism has become a kind of self betrays instead of healthy up-liftment a  downward facing compromise self sabotage and self destruction!