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Intro – Who I am 

I haven’t spoken to my followers on a deep personal level and I have not revealed to them the depths of my yearning to connect on a sincere level-human to human, writer to writer, poet to poet. I am a shy girl a dear in head lights really stuned by this chaotic human dimension of life, the aggression the mustered forgiveness the routine. I am a recluse with very narrow interest and many loved pets day dreaming over a million rough drafts. I live in a different era a certain era and a certain place (pass the hashish) I love to laugh until the distance between you and is an ancient script we have rolled up a smoked the afternoon away. I love you all because compassion is a heart muscle that swells every time I remember your face while I nestle inconspicuously away from the burning light under-my window while whispering i’m in hell, the pleasures of being a agoraphobic. I am easily charmed by eloquence, I will be wooed by a charismatic cult leader one day to become the new Yoko Ono – become the ultimate anti-Michelle Obama! I wish to one day to lounge around in Tangier squinting and scowling at the sun drinking mint tea abd wearing eccentric sun hats!